︎  WHAT I DO         illustration + character design + live drawing + animation + comics
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︎  TECHNIQUES    ink + digital
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When Charlie was attacked, in january 2015, I felt overwhelmed by sorrow and anger, and quickly did this fist picture, and published it on the social networks.
My agent was contacted by different newspapers to use it. We decided to answer ok to The Economist. This is the cover you can see below.

The same day, I was invited by the French webnewspaper Mediapart, for a special evening show of discussions and debates around this awful day. You can see below some of the cartoons I did there.

Then, I had the opportunity a few days later to draw that kind of tribute to la République, and to the long march where 1 million people particated , on January 11.

Drawing around such events, faced me with many questions : basically, what's the role, and the use, of such drawings, in such circumstances.
When the Bataclan drama occured, I decided not to draw immediately, not to draw under emotions, but waiting to combine them with reflexion, and something more distant.
I did that short story (sorry, in French), presenting the terrorists arriving in Paradise, discovering the prmised virgins, but in fact meeting and kissing the devil…

March 2016, new attack in Brussels, this time. I drew this, trying to play with the emotions we all have, and owthese emotions might take the place of the real events. Not trying to feel overwhelmed by anger and sorrow, trying to find the good distance to work out problems, always the same question…
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